The History and Development of Messner GmbH
The History and Development of Messner GmbH


The History and Development of Messner GmbH

1972 Founding of the craftsman business “Paul Messner, Werkzeug und Vorrichtungsbau” (Paul Messner , Tool and Device Contruction“) in Kirchheim, Germany

1981 Operation of the first CNC turning machine

1983 The second CNC turning machine goes into operation. At this point in time, the company has five employees.

1985 The company is renamed “Präzisionsmaschinenbau Paul Messner GmbH“ (Precision mechanical engineering, Paul Messner GmbH“) which lasts for the next decades.

1986 The company incorporates milling. The first CNC milling machine goes into operation. The company increases the number of employees to eight.

Messner bild

1990 Move to a larger production facility in Ottobrunn near Munich, Germany with a further expansion of the milling capacity with two CNC milling machines. The number of specialist employees is increased to 14.

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1995 The production space at the site is further increased, which gives the company the possibility of expanding further. Additional machines go into operation.

1999 The time for automatization has come and the company invests in a horizontal processing centre with a 6-fold palette changer and 120 tools.

2000 Christian Scheippl, a long-standing employee, becomes co-shareholder and managing director. At the same time Paul Messner’s son Bernd joins the company.

2001 Opening of the second site in Ottobrunn/ Riemerling. Here a production facility with near to 1,000 square metres space is equipped for series production. The number of employees is increased to 20.

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2003 The series production facility is further equipped. Seven horizontal milling centres reliably carry out their work.

2004 In December the company is certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2000.

2007 The capacities are further increased. In the meantime 100,000 production hours can be offered in the series production area. In addition to this the number of employees at the company exceeds 30.

Messner bild

2008 Bernd Messner becomes shareholder and represents the company as Managing Director.

2010 Merging of both sites to Ottobrunn/Riemerling. A new facility for material logistics goes into operation.

2013 The company expands ist turning capacities and offers also here the highest productivity. 43 employees work reliably in their respective fields of work.

2015 Paul Messner, the founder and main shareholder of the company dies. The company remains in family hands and is continued in the second generation.

2016 „Präzisionsmaschinenbau Paul Messner GmbH“ (Precision Mechanical Engineering Paul Messner GmbH) is modernized and is called „Messner GmbH“ from now on, with a new logo and new web design.

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